What Is The Reason For The Peeling Of Cowhide Handbag?

- Jul 29, 2019-

Desquamation of leather handbags should be fake leather, even genuine leather, but also the second or regenerated leather of lower grade.

Here is a very professional and simple method for identifying dermis and pseudodermis.

1. Finger method; press the skin with your finger, and there will be fine wrinkles on the surface. When the fingers are raised, the wrinkles disappear immediately from the dermis. Artificial and synthetic leather have no wrinkles.

2. Water method; drip a little water on the leather, then wipe the water stain dry, feel sticky and wet hands, it is the dermis.

3. Appearance method: Take the front of the leather and observe it carefully with your eyes. The dermis has pores, while the artificial leather has no pores. Look at the reverse side of the leather, look for parts that are not folded. If it is a base fabric, it must be artificial leather or synthetic leather.

4. Differentiation of Shaved Skin, Second Skin and Regenerated Skin

When the leather is folded in half and relaxed, the wrinkles disappear immediately from the cowhide, while the wrinkles do not disappear from the recycled leather.