Identification And Routine Maintenance Of Leather Handbags

- Jul 19, 2019-

Identification of cowhide handbag

(1) Smell and watch. Soft cowhide bags have a natural odor, with natural light and natural wrinkles and scars on the surface.

(2) Pinch. Light kneading soft leather bags will have centripetal wrinkles, and you can see compact cross-section structure;

(3) Touch. The soft cowhide bag feels delicate and smooth and feels comfortable.

Daily Maintenance of Cowhide Handbags

Neutral detergent is the best choice for daily maintenance. Use a semi-dry cloth dipped in a little detergent to wipe slightly, wipe and then use a clean cloth dipped in water to dry. Do not use detergent and soap, toothpaste to wipe, in order to prevent soft leather bags from burning and wearing.

In addition, in order to keep soft leather bags fresh, it is best to go to a professional leather shop regularly for maintenance.