How To Remove The Odor Of Cowhide Handbag

- Aug 29, 2019-

Method 1:

Put the orange peel (fresh) in the bag, take it out one day, cut a few small pieces of soap, put them in the bag, and seal them with the whole big soap in the plastic bag for 3 days. After that, the genuine leather taste will disappear.

Principle: Orange - Deodorized Soap - Incense

Method two:

Fold the very common toilet paper and put it in a tasty bag. The toilet paper sucks the taste away. After ventilation, the toilet paper can be reused. Of course, it is still used for tasting. Similarly, if you put the bag in another container larger than the bag and put toilet paper around it, can't the smell of the wrapper be absorbed? You might as well try it.

Method three:

Put some grapefruit peel in, or lemon peel, and it will be tasteless in two days.

Method four:

The newly purchased bags in the special counter also need to be kept in the ventilated place for two days to taste. Therefore, the bags we bought in the special counter are tasteless. If the bags we bought online have not been opened, it will be so. Generally, the bags in the ventilated place of the home have been tasteless for one day. Method: Take a soft towel and soak it in water. Then take it out and twist it dry. Then wipe the bag inside and outside carefully. After wiping, put the bag in the air-dry place.

Note: If in summer, you can have a little sunshine in the sun. If in winter, sisters should remember not to put it in the sun, because the bag will be affected by cold air in the winter sun. The cortex is prone to chemical reactions which make the skin contain brittle skin.