How To Maintain A Cowhide Handbag?

- Jul 22, 2019-

The first layer of cowhide is the cowhide that has the surface of the cow. It is the real cowhide. Therefore, unlike artificial cattle hide, its thickness is closely related to the breed. In addition, because it is taken from cattle, the requirement for material selection is relatively high. It is necessary to avoid obvious scars and excessively obvious wrinkles. It is precisely because of its high selection requirements, so the price is relatively high. Nowadays, many people choose top-grade cowhide products, such as leather bags, belts and shoes. So how to maintain and manage these "household goods" which cost a lot of money in daily life?

1. Avoid inferior or inappropriate care products

Poor or or inappropriate care products will erode the first layer of cowhide, making it lose its original texture and quality. When choosing chemical nursing products, we should carefully observe their raw materials and select chemical nursing products without acid or alkaline components.

2. Avoid scratching with hard objects

Although the first layer of cowhide has some toughness and wear resistance, it is still very fragile compared with hard metal, keys, sharp tools with sharp heads and blades. So do not let it be cut by hard objects, especially the leather shoes of the first layer of cattle cortex is more vulnerable to such injuries.

Cowhide handbag

3. Avoid pressure and folding

Head leather products, especially those with hard texture, should be avoided from pressing and folding. This is more strongly reflected in leather wallets, leather shoes, leather wallets, so if you do not want your baby with a striking and ugly creases, please do not press, fold leather products, not to fold leather products for a long time.

4. Avoid soaking and juice

When you go out, party, or at home, place the first layer of cowhide products in a "safe" place, so as not to cause the first layer of cowhide products to be immersed in a lot of water due to the dumping of water cups, the spilling of juice, the leaking of water kettles or the naughty play of children.

When wiping leather bags, wallets, shoes or belts, you must use a dry rag or a dry paper towel that will not chip off.

5. Avoid sun exposure and high temperature

Just as human skin can't be exposed to the sun, the first layer of cowhide should not be exposed to the sun, otherwise it will cause the leather to harden or even crack. Therefore, in hot summer, do not wear and carry cowhide products for long-term outdoor activities in the hot sun, and do not put the first layer of cowhide products near stoves, heating, gas stoves and other objects.

6. Avoid grease and butter

It is very difficult to clean up these things when they are sprinkled on cowhide, so when cooking and eating, pay attention not to drip on the first layer of cowhide products.

If you accidentally get on the cowhide products, wipe the upper dirt carefully with a dry rag. Never wipe it with water, so as not to wipe it into a "big face".

7. Avoid long-term idleness

In other words, "household pivot is not moth, running water is not rotten", if the first layer of cowhide products are idle for a long time, it is not conducive to its maintenance. If it does need to be idle for various reasons, it is recommended to insert a proper amount of clean newspaper and other fillers into leather bags, wallets and shoes to avoid deformation. Store in a dry place.