How To Identify Leather Handbags?

- Jul 31, 2019-

1. Touch

That is, to touch the leather surface by hand, if it has the feeling of smoothness, softness, fullness and elasticity, the leather is genuine, while the general synthetic leather is astringent, rigid and soft.

2. Eyes

The leather surface has clear wool and pattern, the yellow cattle skin has symmetrical fine pore, the yak skin has thicker and sparse pore, and the goat skin has scaly pore.

3. Smell

All leather smells of leather, while artificial leather smells of plastic with strong irritation.

4. Ignite

A little fibre was torn off the back of leather and artificial leather, and when ignited, it was artificial leather that gave off a pungent odor and knotted; it was real leather that gave off a hair odor and did not knot.