How To Clean The Stain On Leather And Cowhide Handbag?

- Jul 16, 2019-

1. Hand-held parts: Where the bag is handheld, it has black stains for a long time. It can be removed by using toothbrush directly with thinner bleaching water (1:10). Or wipe the contaminated area with diluted oxalic acid with a soft brush before cleaning, and then carry out routine treatment.

2. Oil stain: If your bag is colored, then we can use detergent to clean it, directly pour appropriate amount of detergent and contaminated area, then gently brush it with a soft brush, and then clean it with clean water when the oil stain is gone; if it is white, we can dilute it. The effect of cleaning with bleaching water is more obvious.

3. Ball handwriting: Ball handwriting with color fabrics can be treated with 95% alcohol. Before cleaning, apply some egg white directly to the handwriting, and then brush directly.

4. Mildew: Wash with 40 degrees of warm soapy water, and then do regular scrubbing. The wrapping of pure white fabric can be soaked in soapy water, and the mouldy place can be put in the sun to dry.

5. Fabric dyeing: After mixing with a little egg white and half cup of hot boiling water, brush the dyeing place before cleaning until the dyeing is light. When serious dyeing occurs, soap can be rubbed on the contaminated area and gently scrubbed along the cloth lines with a soft brush. Repeat many times until the dye is desalinated, and pay attention to the rich foam in the contaminated area, so that the dyeing can be removed.

6. Paint dyeing: When the cowhide is coated with paint, brush the contaminated area with toothbrush and alcohol as soon as possible until the stain becomes light; then apply soap to the contaminated area, brush gently along the cloth lines with toothbrush, then soak in clean water for 1 hour, and rinse with clean water.