How To Clean The Grinding Bag

- Sep 16, 2019-

Knack 1:

The abrasive leather bag is no better than other bags. If it is stained and cleaned by ourselves, it will easily cause the bags to fade. If it is only a little stain, you can use soft cloth to dip in warm water and gently wipe it. You must not exert too much.


Knack two:

Before dry cleaning, grind the contaminated area with fine sand paper, then spray dry cleaning aids on the area, and then fatliquoring, softening, drying, ironing and a series of procedures. How to clean the abrasive leather bag? What I'm introducing here is a more professional cleaning method. If the abrasive leather is black and discolored, there are many nursing techniques. It's not recommended to clean it by oneself. It needs to be sent to a special nursing shop for cleaning.

Knack three:

The sanding skin should not be wet, should be cleaned and nursed with raw rubber rubbing and special articles, and shoe polish should not be used. When frosted leather bags are not in use, it is better to keep them in cotton substitutes rather than in plastic bags, because the air in plastic bags is not circulating, which will cause the leather to be damaged by drying. It's better to stuff some soft toilet paper in the bag to keep the shape of the bag. If there is no suitable cloth bag, the old pillowcase is also suitable.