Do You Know How To Distinguish A Shoulder Bag From A Mountain Bag?

- Jul 10, 2019-

First of all, in terms of appearance design, shoulder bags play a more important role than placing objects. Shoulder bags usually keep up with the current fashion trend, adding popular elements, compared to practicality, the collocation of ordinary shoulder bags is a little more.

On the contrary, mountaineering bags are used in outdoor environments. Therefore, the function of mountaineering bags is very important. The design of mountaineering bags is simple and simple, which eliminates some fancy and impractical design elements and provides users with the best backpack experience as far as possible. The difference between backpacks and mountaineering bags is also the color. In general, the color of mountain bags will be dazzling color, which can make climbers easy to be found by rescuers in case they are killed in the wild.

What's the difference between a shoulder bag and a mountain bag? In terms of space design, there is no limit to the size of a shoulder bag. There are large or medium-sized students'shoulder bags, as well as mini-shoulder bags, which are suitable for carrying when you go out of the street at ordinary times, but only small items such as wallets, mobile phones, keys and so on. The mountaineering bag needs enough space to store some mountaineering supplies, field survival supplies and so on.

The difference between shoulder bag and mountaineering bag lies in the material of making. There are many kinds of materials for ordinary shoulder bag, most of which are chosen according to the current fashion trend. The materials for making mountain bags need to be more tear-resistant, moisture-proof, waterproof and other functions to cope with the changeable climate in the field.