Cowhide Handbags: The Difference Between Handbags And Handbags

- Jul 27, 2019-

1. Different capacity

Handbags are generally smaller than handbags, and can store a small number of items, most of which are fragmentary small items, while handbags contain a large volume, which can store umbrellas, pens, paper towels, mobile phones, keys, cosmetic bags. If you need to carry more items when you go out, it's better to carry a handbag than a handbag.

2. Different styles

Because the structure is different, the style is different. Handbags are more moderate in style, while handbags have more styles and personality characteristics, such as animal, vegetable and so on.

3. Different collocation methods

Since most of the handbags are held in their hands, they are more airy. When matching clothes, they require elegance and temperament. Handbags can be matched with all kinds of clothes. They are quite versatile, but they still depend on the style.